Project Overview


This paper provides information on the economic design of the Metaoracle Ecosystem to participants and community members. The paradigm used for the economic design breaks down tokenomics into three categories: market design, mechanism design, and token design.

In market design, it is discussed who will be a member of the ecosystem and how to create an atmosphere that will be best for Metaoracle's expansion.

The ecosystem's rules are defined through mechanism design, and those rules may be utilized to mold the network's future.

The topic of token design will cover how to create a token that will encourage players to behave in the best way.


For Metaoracle to be successful, its tokenomics are essential. Despite the amazing technology that underpins Metaoracle and the clear demand for such services, it will be challenging for Metaoracle to convince customers and feed providers to use its services if it cannot effectively incentivize participation, which leads to decentralization and security through network adoption.

The token has to be in demand to have any value. A token needs to have a utility to be in demand. We will go through more depth the economic design where exactly the utility will come from and which players will need METAO.

Supply, demand, usefulness, token value appreciation, incentive systems, etc. are significant factors in tokenomics. The synopsis of Tokenomics includes information on those topics, with the economic design going into further detail and using simulations to show how the principles work.

Tokenomics Audit

A tokenomics audit from the Tokenomics DAO was just finished by Metaoracle. You may read an overview of Tokenomics DAO by Metaoracle here.

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For questions regarding anything in this document, you may reach us through our website, or by emailing us at team@metaoracle.co. To sign up to become a node runner and participate in the node token sale, join the fairlaunch.

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